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Prof. Andallib Tariq
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IITR)
Contact No: +91-1332-285242

Research Area: Heat Transfer, Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Flow Visualization, Optical Techniques, Aerodynamics, Gas Turbine Blade Cooling, Thermal Contact Conductance, PIV, LCT, Hotwire anemometry
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About the Department
The Department of Mechanical Engineering came into being in the year 1946 and the first batch of Mechanical Engineers graduated in the year 1949. The department was renamed as Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering on its silver jubilee in 1974 when an undergraduate programme in Industrial Engineering was started. At present it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various facets of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The department offers Master of Technology courses in Machine Design Engineering, Production and Industrial Systems Engineering, Thermal System Engineering, Welding Engineering and CAD, CAM and Robotics. The department has laboratory and workshop facilities with modern sophisticated equipment to carry out research in all areas related to Mechanical and Production & Industrial Engineering. The faculty actively participates in sponsored research and consultancy work.
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List of Additional Shortlisted Candidates of Ph.D. Interview for Autumn Semester 2024-25 (Click here to view)
List of Shortlisted Candidates of Ph.D. Interview for Autumn Semester 2024-25 (Click here to view)
Prof. Andallib Tariq has been selected for the HAL Chair Professorship
Prof. B.K Gandhi has been selected for the NHPC Chair Professorship
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Common Facilities
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Modern Workshop
Modern Workshop at IIT Roorkee is equipped with conventional and non-conventional machine tools to provide the practical knowledge to the students by teaching, demonstrating and performing operations.
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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Laboratory provides a platform to all students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Research Scholars) for Computer Aided Design and Analysis tasks. Towards it, this laboratory is equipped with software' like AutoCAD, Solid works and Ansys; and programming environments like Ma
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Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is one of the main research laboratories of the department. It houses a 128 core high performance computing cluster and supports REDHAT operating system. The system is loaded with latest software and computing suite such as: INTEL compiler, OpenFOAM, STARTCCM,
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Short Courses
23 January, 2020 Dr. Hilol Kargupta,Co-founder and President of Agnik Group, USA for delivering a Corporate Lecture.
30 Oct-24 Nov,15 Dec-02 Jan, 2019-2020 Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, Michigan State University, USA under a SPARC Project
21 Oct-25 Nov, 2019 Prof. Erik Goodman, Michigan State University, USA under a SPARC Project.
Prof. Varun Sharma
Selected as an Outstanding Young Faculty, 2023
Prof. Andallib Tariq
Selected for the HAL Chair Professorship, 2022
Prof. B.K Gandhi
Selected for the Chair Professor-NHPC, 2022
Prof. Sneha Singh
Honored as the "20 Young Women Leaders in India in the year 2022" by British Council (selected for Platinum Jubilee Women in Leadership Program in South Asia)
Prof. Pupshparaj Mani Pathak
Best Paper Award for Path Planning and Control for Omni-directional Mobile Robot using Q-Learning and CLIK Algorithm for Home Environment, IMAACA, 2022
Prof. Akshay Dvivedi
Corona Karmaveer Samman, Amar Ujala. Award presented by Honourable Chief Minister, Uttarakhand, 2021
Prof. D. K. Dwivedi
Best Paper Award for Paper Selective Induction Heating in FSW of Al-Steel Combination in Area of Alloys and Compounds, PFAM-28, 2021
Prof. Akshay Dvivedi
Outstanding Teacher Award, IIT Roorkee, 2021
Prof. Sneha Singh
Review Editor for the journal of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering, Frontiers Media, USA, 2021
Prof. Shailesh Ganpule
IED Innovator of the Year Award, National Security Guard, 2021
Prof. B.K. Gandhi
IED Innovator of the Year Award, National Security Guard, 2021
Prof. Rahul S. Mulik
Best Paper Presentation Award for "Effect of preheating .. Al composite", 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Manufacturing Systems by NIT Jalandhar and PEC Chandigarh, 2021
Prof. Alankrita Singh
Impact Award on successful PDR completion, GE-Research, 2021
Prof. Sneha Singh
Best Research Award in International Research Awards on New Science Inventions, Science Father, Scifax, 2020
Prof. B.K Gandhi
Member, Academic Council of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur (UP), 2020-contd
Prof. B.K Gandhi
Member, BIS technical committee on MED 21 Sectional Committee, 2020-contd.
Prof. Indra Vir Singh
Recognized in top 2% Global Scientists in Mechanical Engg., Elsevier-Stanford, 2020
Prof. P.M. Pathak
Panelist in VAIBHAV (Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik Summit), a Global summit of overseas and resident Indian scientists and academicians,Government of India, 2020
Prof. S. P. Harsha
Recognized in top 2% Global Scientists in Vibrations and Acoustics Engg, Elsevier-Stanford, 2020
Prof. B. K. Gandhi
Executive Committee Member, International Association of Hydraulic Research (IAHR), 2020
Prof. D. K Dwivedi
Recognized in top 2% Global Scientists in Materials Domain, Elsevier-Stanford, 2020
Prof. Ankit Bansal
Outstanding Teachers Award, 2020
NPTEL coursework on “Acoustic Materials and Metamaterials” from January 2023 to March 2023.
15-26 June,2020 Quality Management & Business Process Reengineering 2020
Two Week,2020 Recent Advances in CAD/CAM Applications
Prof. Varun Sharma, Institute Research Fellowship for a period of 3 years with effect from May 2023
Prof. Kaushik Pal, Prof. Avinash Parashar, Prof. Manish M. Joglekar and Prof. Arup Kumar Das, Institute Research Fellowship, for a period of 3 years, 2019
Prof. P.K. Jain,Director,IIT(BHU) has been elected as a Fellow of the Indain National Academy of Engineering [FNAE], 2019
Inventor(s)- Sudhakar Subudhi,Geleta Fekuda Daba,Sajesh M. and Kalpana (28 December,2020)
"A solar assisted compact liquid desiccant comfort system"
Inventor(s)- P M Pathak, Yunus Pirjade, J M Yang and Garima (22 December,2020)
"Untethered soft snake robot"
Inventor(s)- P M Pathak, Yunus Pirjade,Ian Wilfred Noronha, J M Yang and Garima (22 December,2020)
"Soft actuator for robotics manipulation and locomotion"
Inventor(s)- S.H Upadhyay, Swapnil Shinde, Sammer Sakhare and Kripa Shaker Singh (22 December,2020)
"Deployable canister mechanism for an inflatable space born planar membrane reflector antenna"
Inventor(s)- Akshay Dvivedi, Vaibhav Agarwal and Aditya Peshin (05 May,2020)
"A Modular accessory for the mobility enhancement of manual wheel chairs by motorizing the manual wheelchair"
Inventor(s)- Arup Kumar Das, Ravi Kumar and M B Darshan (22 April,2020)
"An Enhanced tube with plurality of micro indentations on the inside surface for effective heat transfer "
Inventor(s)- S.H Upadhyay and Shinde Swapnil Dipak (22 April,2020)
"A Tensioning and connecting for the space-born member reflector antenna"
Inventor(s)- K.B Mishra and Ankit Sharma (12 March, 2020)
"Method and apparatus for testing fire behaviour of façade materials "
Inventor(s)- A.K Sharma, M.Shah Faizan, radha Raman Mishra and T.R chelliah (03 March 2020)
"A Four valve for directional control and mixing of fluids"
Inventor(s)- Manish m Joglekar, Katik Kashyap, Nitesh Arora, Chinmay Jivani, Parmod Kumar and Atul Kumar Sharma (11 February 2020)
"A dielectric elastomer based electrically tunable reflector with variable focal length"
Inventor(s)- Akshay Dvivedi, Rajendra Kumar Arya & Tarlochan Singh (04 February, 2020)
"A device for rotatory disc grinding with adaptive feeding for electrochemical discharge machining process and a method thereof"
Inventor(s)- B.K.Gandhi (22 February, 2019)
"High speed slurry pot tester apparatus"
Inventor(s)- Akshay Dvivedi & Rajendra Kumar (01 May, 2019)
"A device for pressurized multiphase flow during electrochemical discharge machining process"
Inventor(s)- Akshay Dvivedi & Rajendra Kumar Arya (22 May, 2019)
"An adaptive feedback controlled electric hydro dissection device"
Inventor(s)- Sanjeev Manhas, Sandeep Singh Chauhan & M.M. Joglekar (22 May, 2019)
"CMOS Compatible Micro-machined Piezoelectric Energy Harvester"
Inventor(s)- D.K. Dwivedi & Ravi Shanker Vidyarthy (04 October, 2019)
"Activating flux coating for symmetric weld bead profile"
Inventor(s)- D. K. Dwivedi, Anup Kulkarni, Pratishtha & Anagdha (15 November, 2019)
"Modification of chemical composition and properties of A-TIG weld joints of dissimilar steels"
Inventor(s)- Arup Kumar Das, Vikas Kannojiya & Gunipe Prasanth Kumar (22 November, 2019)
"A system and method for the detection of physical exhaustion level of human beings"
Inventor(s)- K.B. Mishra & Ankit Sharma (01 May, 2018)
"Test-stand and method for measuring the burning rate of flammable liquids"
Inverntor(s)- Apurbba K. Sharma, Radha R. Mishra, Mohit Choudhary & Saurabh Puri (11 May, 2018)
"A device of In-situ microwave casting of metals and alloys"
Inverntor(s)- Akshay Diwedi, Apurbba K. Sharma & Manjot Singh Cheema (08 June, 2018)
"A flexible device for multiple ultrasonic machining operations"
Inventor(s)- Apurbba K. Sharma, Nitesh Arora & Prabha Pal Singh Seerha (26 July, 2018)
"Mechanical safety device for thread failure in power screw based heavy lifts"
Inverntor(s)- Inderdeep Singh & Ravinder Kumar (28 August, 2018)
"An electrode for removal of debris during electric discharge machining"
Inverntor(s)- Dheerendra Kumar Dwivedi & Sunil Kumar Sinhmar (29 August, 2018)
"Stationary shoulder friction stir welding tool with extruded material breaker"
Inventor(s)- S.H Upadhyay, Satish Kumar & Kripa S. Singh (05 October, 2018)
"Adaptive shape control mechanism for planar membrane structure"
Inventor(s)- Arup Kumar Das, Rakesh Prakash Gakkhar & Prabh Pal Singh Seerha (03 December, 2018)
"Integration of double acting piston arrangement in internal combustion engines for improvement of power to weight ratio"
Inventor(s)- D. Benny Karunakar & Sanjay Kumar (09 August, 2017)
"Improving the porosity of ceramic shell in investment casting process"
Inventor(s)- Apurbba Kumar Sharma (29 April, 2016)
"A system and method of micro-drilling with microwaves through metallic concentrator"
Student Groups @ MIED
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Team KNOx IIT Roorkee is the official off-road racing team of IITR. The team designs and fabricates an off-road vehicle and participate in National level competition BAJA SAE India, the most prominent engineering level competition held in the country.
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ASME, which stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is a non-profit membership organization. ASME serves a wide-ranging engineering community through quality learning, the development of codes and standards, certifications, research, conferences and publications, government relations.
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Miess is a society representing the students of mechanical and industrial engineering department of IIT Roorkee. Our aim is to build a strong interaction between students and faculty and hence act as the medium for students to put their views on the desk of the faculty
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